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About Us

Our vision is to focus on a curriculum that balances academics, co-curricular activities, and personality development with a view to enable each child to become a global citizen. We strive to inculcate and nurture leadership qualities along with self-discipline, ethical principles, respect. and concern for others.


Educational Institutions all around the world along with the aspirations of students and expectations of parents have undergone critical transformations with time. Having successfully completed 16 years of imparting quality education, Ekashila Group of institution have made a great difference in its Qualitative journey making meaningful educational transformation and accomplishing world-class standards of academic excellence. Today, children in India are growing in a more challenging and demanding environment. The rate of change in every sphere is rapid with the enhanced knowledge exchanging and technology development. We make intensive efforts for a holistic development of the students who enter into the school campus

Evolving with education
The Ekashila Group, founded by G ThirupathiReddy , is the largest group of Schools and Colleges in Warangal. Ekashila High school, at KUC Road, Vidhyaranyapuri, Hanamakonda, Warangal established in 2001. Ekashila Techno School, KITS College Road, Pembarthy, Hasanparthy, Warangal established in 2003-04. Ekashila Junior College, Hanuman Nagar, Hanamkonda, Warangal established in 2009-10 Ekashila e-techno School, Khammam Highway Road, Punnel Village, WardhannapetMandal, Warangal District established in 2011-12.Ekashila-Girls junior College, Kothawada, Warangal established in 2012-13 Ekashila Concept School, Reddy Colony, Hanamkonda, Warangal District established in 2013-14. Ekashila Edu School, Thummanapally,Huzurabad,Karimnagar District established in 2018. Ekashila Prime School , Damera(Villege&Mandal), Warangal District established in 2019. Ekashila Public School , Madikonda, Kazipet,Warangal District established in 2019

Our children represent our hopes and dreams. As a parent, you certainly want the best of your child and we are indeed happy to be working with you to ensure that we are giving the right knowledge to face future challenges. The popularity of the school is due to careful and perfect planning and programming, the selection of excellent staff and willingness to innovate in educational provision have all contributed to the high level of academic success achieved by the students at the school.The school curriculum is oriented so that it increases students’ self-confidence.

A wide range of multi-dimensional activities are organized which goa long way in building a self-respect, confident in decision making and problem solving along with improvement of cultural, sporting and performance chances provide a huge number of opportunities that allow every student access to the environment where they can participate and excel. "We encourage each child to give their very best in an attempt to realise their dreams."

We believe

  1. 1. Every student is uniquely capable and deserves to be challenged each day.
  2. 2. Uninhibited learning depends on a safe, nurturing, inclusive and flexible environment.
  3. 3. An educated citizenry is essential for equal opportunity and a prosperous society.
  4. 4. Meaningful and relevant work engages students in profound learning.
  5. 5. Critical thinking and problem solving today are necessary for students to be equipped for future challenges.
  6. 6. Genuine transformation requires disruptive innovation.
  7. 7. Education is the shared responsibility of the community.

Our Goal

  • ∘ Provide all learners with safe, nurturing, inclusive and flexible learning environments. (Digital Learning Environment).
  • ∘ Engage learners through the use of technological tools to access, create and share content as well as collaborate with other learners throughout the world. (Digital Learning Environment).
  • ∘ Reframe state readiness standards in a way that leads to profound learning and has meaning and value for students. (Learning Standards).
  • ∘ Create flexible systems that result in a learning organization supported by innovative and engaged staff. (Organizational Transformation).
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