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Dr.Gouru Thirupathi Reddy:

Chairman of Ekashila Group of Institutions

Well known Educationalist by profession and position in Warangal district of Telangana state, basically a mathematics teacher emerged as legendry educationalist in Telangana with his hardship and intelligence. His top priority is always catering quality education with quality facilities. He strongly believes that education is the only source to enrich the knowledge of a person.

When asked about the secret of success, he expressed in few lines : The high percentage of human literacy only can lead to the development of the country. Knowledge intaken should be delivered, utilised and applied. Basing on these lines, the core focus should be on the learning outcomes of the student. To succeed these, student friendly environment is needed. Student interests, talents or works should be discovered, encouraged and supported.


The school strives to provide a value driven robust, transparent and safe environment for the ‘Holistic development’ for the students to emerge as the future ready school.


Assessment is a continuous process of gathering and interpreting evidence to make judgments about student learning.

Art program

The Visual Arts Department at the Secondary School aims to develop the students’ aesthetic, creative, and imaginative senses.


Every child is different; they vary in their physiological, psychosocial and cognitive make up. Hence, it is natural that they should react differently to their environment and learn differently.

Field trips

Field trips are an important parts of the student experience. The cost of field trips is often the responsibility of parents.

Vision & Mission

Ekashila CBSE School is committed to educational success through real innovation and limitless opportunities for all our students. All of our students enjoy thriving, productive lives in a future they create.

Our Mission

Ekashila CBSE School takes high pride in pursuing the mission of creating all round students who turn out to be conquerors in all walks of life. Our strength lies in disseminating knowledge imbued with general awareness and rigorous physical training which is at par with the local as well as international standards.

Our Vision

We ardently want to see our students turning out as inquisitive, sensitive and responsible decision makers of tomorrow, who not only realize their own potential but also assist others to relish their dreams.

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